Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kris's 3.0 mm = my 2.25 mm

Kris's 3.0 mm = my 2.25 mm by JLW in PA
Kris's 3.0 mm = my 2.25 mm, a photo by JLW in PA on Flickr.
Finally, we achieve sock gauge parity! I hate to ask how many different needles she used and how many times she started.

Okay, I asked. This is her 4th try.

Learning is fun!

(Sorry for lame-ish photo - it was taken with my phone.)

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  1. This project debacle has given me new insight into why my version of the Night Gulls socks did not fit! Over the break I may re-try a pair (using that beautiful David's Eyes Cascade Heritage sock yarn) with appropriately sized needles!