Wednesday, November 30, 2011


IMG_0284There’s a progress shot for Vodka Gimlet – that is the slip stitch detail around the waist.  Now I have to go in stockinette for a while before doing another bit of detail at the hem, and then knit the turned hem.  It’s growing!

In other news, Boy 1’s Crazy Brown Socks are starting to look like something:IMG_0285 15 rounds of sock yarn leftovers separated by 3 rounds of brown.  I’m using the “jogless stripe” technique, but it’s a little soon to say if it is notably successful.  The heels and toes are also to be solid brown.  Just as with Felici socks, I don’t want to interrupt the nice striping pattern, so I’m doing an afterthought heel.  The heel will grow out of a little 3-round brown stripe.  Right here:IMG_0286I knit on these while listening to Margaret Atwood read from her work last night.  What a treat and a thrill.  She’s a knitter, you know!  She SANG us the Mole Day Children’s Hymn from Year of the Flood at the very end of her reading, and conducted us to sing the last word of the refrain with her.  What a wonderful moment.  I will remember it always, and there’s a bit of it knitted into these crazy socks for my boy.

I recently tidied one of the rooms in my house where fiber-ific things tend to pile up, and I found a scarf I made from yarn leftover from this baby bunting project way back in 2005.  The scarf wasn’t very long, so I didn’t really wear it.  I decided to unravel it and repurpose the yarn.  Boy, was that a bigger project than I expected.  There were a lot more stops and starts in that yarn than I remembered (my ends were woven in so well that I couldn’t see them).  Also, I knit with two strands held together (one green, one blue), so the yarns never ended in the same place.  After a couple of hours of frustrating picking – during which S1’s help was required to hold the yarn I  was rewinding – I had a whole lot of ramen:IMG_0271

Nice tidy little nests of ramen, to be exact!  Or, muppet wigs:IMG_0266

I gave them all a nice bath and now I have nice slinky piles of spaghetti:IMG_0279These little skeins aren’t big enough to wind on the ballwinder, so I’ll make little balls by hand.  I’m not even sure if the circles will fit on my swift.  I may need S1’s hands again.

This is worsted weight superwash merino, so I thought maybe I could get some baby hats out of it or something.  We’ll see.


  1. Way to re-purpose! Great shot of the ramen-y muppet wigs.

    And that slip-stitch pattern on the hem of the Vodka Gimlet is really interesting -- it almost has a chain-mail feel. Beautiful!

  2. That slip stitch detail is just lovely. In that color it looks like an intricate sterling hinged necklace.

    Margaret Atwood and knitting imbued with emotion! I have projects like that and it's wonderful to knit those good feelings and memories into our stitches. Boy 1, and everyone that sees them on his feet, will love those socks!