Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday is for…


baking.  February is almost gone and we need to get this month’s Cookie-of-the-Month shipment to Grandpa! Boy 1 chose Chocolate Crinkles.IMG_0816The BFL Hickory Socks were finished earlier this week.  Sunday is for photography. I really like the way these came out.IMG_0818 And Sunday is for spinning.  It’s last-Sunday-of-the-month, which means spinning circle at Serendipity.  I’m still working on the natural BFL so I won’t bore you with another photograph of that. But I managed to get a shot of Jess’s Pretty Pirate singles, which are nearly done.  She spins very fine yarn and will navajo ply this:IMG_0824 Hopefully Sunday will be for beginning a new sock.  This next one requires some attention on my part, so I need uninterrupted time when I’m rested.  This might happen this evening… or it might not.  Stay tuned!


  1. Lucky Grandpa, indeed! Really, really like the crazy ribbing pattern on those socks.

  2. Sounds like Sundays in your house are for being creatively productive! Love the socks and the Cookie-of-the-Month idea is brilliant.