Saturday, February 18, 2012

FO: cozy scarf

I finished my Pei scarf last week and am pleased to say it’s already been blocked and worn.  Finally got around to photographing it:IMG_0802 fix I really liked working with this woolen-spun yarn (Loft).  It’s so lightweight but definitely warm.  It’s not the softest yarn ever, but it didn’t bother me to wear it around my neck like this.  To feel even warmer, I just doubled it:IMG_0807 fixThe stockinette panel makes the scarf not want to lay flat, despite the effort of the designer to thwart that tendency (the edge next to the stockinette panel is a 5-round eyelet pattern, followed by some ribbing, and the bindoff is also in rib).  I think, if I were to knit this again, I would work K-K-P-K instead of all K in that section.  That might help.  It would also be interesting to make this in a smooth, drapey, worsted-spun yarn – like one of those sock yarns that is 100% superwash merino from which I’ll never make socks.  How many of those do I have left in my stash?  That’s worth a look…

But overall, I’m pleased with the result!  I think a swingy cardigan knit from Loft would be super cozy and lightweight… maybe I’ll keep that in mind for NEXT year’s sweater project.

I’ve also finished the first Hickory sock and have cast on for its mate.  Here’s a sneak peek:


I really like the branching quality of this design.  It reminds me of another pair I knit years ago, the Mock Cable Wave Socks.  I’ve been wearing those a lot lately.  This undulating quality must be speaking to my subconscious.


  1. LOFT really surprised me -- it's not soft, but it's also not really scratchy. I'm not sure I'd want socks made out of it, though!

  2. No, Loft wouldn't work well for socks at all. The woolen-spun structure is too loose and airy, and there's no great reinforcement fiber (natural or otherwise), and it's only two ply. I've seen at least one sock pattern that calls for Shelter, but I wouldn't put all that work into socks with this type of yarn!