Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crossing paths – B/W version

As of today, the polls show that most of you think Brick is the best color.  S1 suggested I look at each combination in black and white to see if they are the same… hue?  Saturation?  What’s the right word?

Anyway… here is Brick in color and in B/W:

brick brick bw

Everything looks about the same to me. That’s good, right?

Here is Deep Sea in color and B/W:deep sea deep sea bw That Deep Sea looks very different from the Wheatgrass (green) and Turquoise, so maybe I’ll steer clear of that.  Come to think of it, I thought Deep Sea looked slightly out of place in the Thistle and Forest Plaid socks, too.

I bet the same thing happens with Chocolate.  Let’s see!chocolate

chocolate bw Yup, the Chocolate strand is noticeably darker than the Turquoise one.

Now for Mocha in color and B/W:

mocha mocha bwThe Mocha strand definitely looks lighter to me.

This little exercise is steering me toward Brick.  Nice job, folks!  And just in time, as I am about to turn the heel and begin the climbing vertical strands.

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  1. Actually, I suggested it to look for contrast, and by that measure your combo has the least contrast -- BUT the color combo has turned out great because they are such different hues.