Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Which paths cross?

I’ve started my second Lorilee Beltman sock: Our Paths Cross.  This pattern was published in the latest issue of Sockupied (Spring 2012). It uses the same vertical stranding technique featured in her Thistle and Forest Plaid Socks.  For these socks, I need one main color and two path colors.IMG_1356I wanted to use the Simply Sock Yarn solids again for these (as I did for Thistle and Forest) and I thought Wheatgrass would make a good background color. Like Thistle and Forest, this is a toe-up pattern, but the toe is a different shape.  See the increases?  There are four pairs of increases around the sock:IMG_1354I must confess, I could not make sense of Lorilee’s instructions for the Left Lifted Increase and Right Lifted Increase.  After two false starts that involved casting on again, I reverted to Cat Bordhi’s LLinc and LRinc.  That’s what you see here.  Perhaps they are the same technique… I’m not really sure. At any rate, third time’s a charm.  Sometimes one person’s instructions just make more sense to a brain than another’s do.

I won’t need to begin the crossing paths until after the heel, so I have a while to ponder colors.  Here are my choices:IMG_1355From the top, they are:

  • Brick
  • Chocolate
  • Deep Sea
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Mocha
  • Pink

Obviously (if you know me), my favorite is the Turquoise. Which of these other path colors do you like best with turquoise? I’m afraid the Mocha may be too light, but I’m including it here anyway.  The Green definitely does not provide enough contrast so I ditched it already.IMG_1357





Oh wait, I just found another color I have in this yarn: Chartreuse.  But I don’t like it against the Wheatgrass, so I won’t even bother photographing it.

The polls are open!  Vote now!


  1. I was leaning towards Chocolate, but I think I have to cast my vote for Brick.

  2. Brick has the best contrast, I think.

  3. I agree with Bonny. If you want a more muted effect, go with chocolate. But the brick will pop more. Either will look fabulous. I'll be following this closely, 'cause I totally want to make a pair.

  4. Personally, I love greens and blues so I vote for Deep Sea. But if you want contrast, I'd go for Brick.