Tuesday, May 8, 2012


IMG_1349 I could not wait to start the Color Affection shawl.  Upon taking a closer look at the pattern, I realized I didn’t have quite the right needles on hand.  The laceweight version (the one I had wound the yarn for) calls for a 32” 3.0mm needle.  I have some metal 24” 3.0 mm needles (which I never use for socks anymore) but nothing longer.  And with laceweight yarn, I was pretty sure I wanted a wood needle for grab.  But I cast on anyway…IMG_1346

I forgot to do the yarnover trick I read about on the Harlot’s blog. So I knew I would start over again.  I also wasn’t sure if I wanted a 3.0 needle or a 3.25, so I changed partway through this.  You can tell I’ve already pulled the needles out.

The light gray yarn reads much more light gray in the ball than in the knitting, doesn’t it?  It’s really full of blue and even some red.IMG_1350Bottom line, I’ve decided to go with the 3.0 mm and have ordered the proper needle from Knit Picks.  I also got the Too Cool Felici Sport sock yarn I missed on my  last order.  And I think I have the YO trick down now, too.

And then, I cast on for a sock. Any guesses what this is?


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