Saturday, May 26, 2012


I’ve been attempting to tidy the studio a bit.  Remember these socks?IMG_8988They’ve been in Time Out for nearly a year.  I decided to frog them long ago and only just now got around to it.

First I laboriously unraveled.  I had to ball the colors as I went because otherwise I would have had an unholy mess.  Then I wound each ball onto my niddy noddy.  When I took the yarn off, it looked like it had been to the hair salon:IMG_1426Then everyone went into the kitchen sink for a shampoo and came out straight and smooth again:IMG_1427I tied the skeins in plenty of places to make sure they didn’t re-tangle.  Aren’t these little mini-skeins adorable? IMG_1428I guess you can’t tell how mini they are without some context.  Here is a lip balm thrown in there for scale:


The green is Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Heather.  I have a bunch of it (200 g) because I originally planned to knit knee socks with it.  This is the yarn I used recently for the Knuckle Buster fingerless knits.  Everything else is from the SSYC Solids line, which I can’t recommend highly enough.  I’ve been using those solids for the Lorilee Beltman socks I’ve done recently.  That turquoise is one of the contrast colors in the Our Paths Cross socks I’m working on now (I’m about halfway through sock #2, by the way – I owe you photos of those, too!).

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  We’ve about to head for the hills.  The PA mountain laurel are in bloom and we’re hiking to see them.

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  1. I don't really don't think any other scale/perspective device would have been more "Janelle" than a tube of lip balm! Sorry the socks didn't work out -- but good recovery!