Monday, May 21, 2012

Springy socks and flowers

Spring is here in full force.  This Felici colorway, called Sunny Day, is just perfect:IMG_1391 As usual, this is a super plain vanilla sock and it went quite fast – 52 stitches around on sportweight yarn.  I did my usual afterthought heel:IMG_1392 Good day to kick back in the Adirondack chair and ponder the yard.  Once again, here’s my compost bin in the background.IMG_1396 I also finished making, felting, and embellishing these flowers for the super top secret classified activity that will be happening next week.  These are so fun!  I used Kristin Nicholas’s pattern (Sunflowers and Zinnias to Knit and Felt) and it’s pretty quick to crank these out.  They definitely qualify as “potato chip knitting” – you can’t make just one.

felted flowers

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  1. Those socks match your lawn perfectly. Can't wait to see the secret project. And I think I may have Jeff convinced we should get a composter. Did you know tha Austin is thinking about adding curbside composting bins to our solid waste line-up?