Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Birthday!

IMG_1874My mom’s birthday tends to sneak up on me, since it’s in early September.  I usually knit her a little something.  This year, since I was caught a bit unprepared, I decided to go for fingerless mitts.  So useful!  I searched Ravelry for patterns that use fingering weight yarn (since, ahem, I have some of that on hand) and came up with Anne Hanson’s Curling pattern (which also has a matching cowl).IMG_1872I used Sundara sock yarn I’ve had in stash for a loooonnnnggg time, from a sock club I once belonged to.  The yarn has been languishing because it no longer meets my requirements for socks (it’s 2-ply, 100% superwash merino), but it will be fine for mitts.  It has a really tight twist.  That, and its 2-ply structure, make for a very lively yarn.  See how pronounced the stitch pattern is?  In Anne’s photos, the fabric looks more drapey and languid. 


The thumb gussets are worked exactly as they are in the Plain Jhaynes pattern, which I knit last month, so those felt comfortably familiar.  I worked the M1L and M1R increases and the diagonal line is so beautiful to me.

These worked up quickly.  I have a ton of yarn left over (62 g) – the mitts only weigh 41 g.  So I guess I can make another pair!


  1. Those mitts are really lovely. Love the colour too!

  2. Tree hugger! ;-) You most definitely should make another pair. Happy Birthday to your mom.