Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oops, I did it again

Oh, dear.  Another pair of plain vanilla Felici socks has come off the needles.  These are starting to take over my house!IMG_1851 These were knit top-down with my usual afterthought heel, with Felici Sportweight in color “Stream Bed.”  They fit ME.  These are so easy to crank away on at work or during odd spare moments.  Only 52 stitches around on 2.5mm needles.IMG_1852I meant to make these identical twin socks, but they came out fraternal.  I think the balls may have been wound backwards compared to each other.  By the time I noticed, I no longer cared.  See, you can make them match if you hold your feet just so!

IMG_1853I just counted in Ravelry and this is my 15th pair of Felici socks – and my 17th Felici project if you count those two BSJs I made. I think we’re in it for the long haul, me and Felici… that ode I wrote three and a half years ago has not gone stale!

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  1. 15? And I can't even get around to making a pair out of the yarn I bought over a year ago! Help me!

    These, I think are my favorite color combination of all the ones you've made. Fabulici!