Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kaboom! #2

IMG_1842The friendly neighborhood knitting ninjas did it again.  I think the pictures tell the story. Four trees, one lightpole.IMG_1828IMG_1832 IMG_1826 IMG_1824IMG_1823SOMEONE took a domino knitting class at Knitters’ Day Out a few years ago and cranked out the patches with words on them.  They are really impressive. DSCN1429As you can see, we had some specific color schemes going this time around.  One tree was all orange and blue (“Gettysburg Great!”), one was orange/yellow/pink/red, one was purple/blue/green, and one was a classic ROYGBIV rainbow.  The light pole was a bonus.  The new students took is all in stride – orientation activities swirled around the trees.IMG_1850  IMG_1835 YarnBombSign IMG_1822Here are a few secretive shots of the installation.  Our identity is safe, right?



I want to give a special shoutout to the youngest ninja, age 7, who made both green stripes on the rainbow tree.  She is totally awesome and she has a lifetime standing invitation to knit/crochet with us.  You know who you are!


What’s next?


  1. The group did an amazing job. Maybe you'll find a few new knitters in the class of 2016.

    Seeing the pictures makes me miss being there - and we just got home yesterday. See you at homecoming.

  2. Thanks to the friendly neighborhood knitting ninjas for doing such a wonderful thing! Each one of these is really beautiful and interesting in their own way. I won't be on campus until the end of Oct., so I hope I get a chance to see them in person. If the FNKN are thinking about Kaboom #3 for graduation, count me in! I'd love to contribute!

  3. Very festive! I especially like the green one with the purple and blue polka dots.

  4. The bomb survived the weekend when upper class students returned to campus, so there is hope for October, Bonny! We shall see.

    Hmmm, graduation.........