Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A quickie

I got minorly stuck on my Leaflet cardigan and need to study the pattern more closely.  Not really having time to do that, I picked up another Laura Nelkin beaded jewelry project, instead.  See?  Pretty!
This is the Ribband pattern, which is simple but versatile.  You can wear it as a single-stranded long necklace or a double-stranded necklace (I don’t have photos of these because I was taking photos myself).  Or, you can wrap it around your wrist 4-5 times for a fun cuff, which is how I wore it:IMG_1998
Ribband is written for two yarn weights.  You can use laceweight yarn and size 8 beads (that’s what I did), or fingering weight yarn with size 6 beads.  This yarn is left over from the Color Affection shawl I made this summer.
The strand is closed with a simple toggle clasp, which you can see here.
I know someone is going to ask me how long the strand is - it's 33.5".
This only took me two days to complete.  Holiday knitting, people!  Lay in a supply of beads!!!

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