Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Knitting Update

IMG_2043This is the office project that’s been kicking around in my bag for the past month or so – just another pair of plain vanilla socks for Boy 1.  He picked this yarn from the stash.  It’s Lion Brand Magic Stripes that has been there forever (I think a gift from my mom) – so the yarn is nice and sturdy.  You may or may not know this… but Boy 1 is red-green color blind, which means he sees no difference between the blues and purples in these socks.  I quizzed him and he thinks ALL the stripes are blue!  I tried to make these a bit long in the foot so that they’ll fit him all winter long…IMG_2041In other news, I think I’ve worn Ribband 3 times in the week since completing it!  When I showed it to you before, I was wearing it as a bracelet.  Here it is as a necklace:IMG_2014And finally, I had to start a new office sock, which began while standing in lines at Hersheypark last weekend and grew quite a bit as I sat through conference presentations today.  The yarn is Paca-Peds from The Alpaca Yarn Company and the blend is 20% superfine alpaca, 65% superwash wool, 15% nylon.  I started a sock with this years ago but had to rip it out completely because the stitch pattern was tight and I couldn’t get it over my foot.  This time, I’m using the free Charade pattern, which I’ve knit twice before.IMG_2048Next time I’ll give you an update on Leaflet, which is growing just like it’s springtime.

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  1. Tried commenting from Twitter, but it didn't work!

    Boy 1's feet look ginormous in that photograph. Smart move to knit him in some wiggle room. And yay for Charade! The socks I started when you showed me how to do them on the train in Portland are still my favorite pair.