Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just in time

IMG_2445The wind is whipping around today, blowing around many of the last leaves still clinging to tree branches.  Time to sport a new scarf!  S1’s scarf is done and in use.IMG_2448 This scarf is super simple to make and was portable knitting for me.  The yarn is so soft (fingering weight 75% Merino/15% Cashmere/10% Silk) and knit on a US6 (4mm) needle, it’s very drape-y.  The slip stitch pattern is completely reversible, so it doesn’t matter how the scarf hangs.  This is a great go-to stitch pattern for a scarf.IMG_2442 I wasn’t completely happy with the length – the finished scarf measures 52.5” long (and 6.5” wide).  I like a really long scarf that I can wrap around my neck twice, so if I made this again for myself, I’d cast on fewer stitches and make it longer.  But S1 loves it like this and is a wrap-only-once kind of gal.  She’s been wearing it a lot indoors, too – it’s flexible that way.

IMG_2469In other news, I finished my Autumnal Charade socks and here’s the proof.

I owe you some other updates, as well.  I’m concentrating on gift knitting over the wonderful Thanksgiving break, trying to knit a gift a day.  So far I’m on track though I think I may break my streak today.  How am I achieving this?  Here’s a clue:



  1. Bead it! Bead it! Never gonna be defeated! S1's scarf is lovely.

  2. S1's scarf looks perfect, and I love that it's wearable indoors and outdoors.
    You must have some speed knitting skills for your gift a day pace! I'm dawdling over two gift hats, wishing my recipients had smaller heads!