Tuesday, November 13, 2012

…in which knitwear grows

I know it’s not terribly interesting… but all I have to show is that my knitted things are getting longer.  The scarf for S1 is nearly four feet long now:

IMG_2436It’s fingering weight yarn on US 6 needles… which means it grows faster than socks, but it’s still fingering weight yarn and that’s skinny stuff.

Boy 1’s sweater is knit from the waist up and it measures about 10” now:  IMG_2433That’s a terrible picture but I still offer it as proof.

My Autumnal Charade socks are nearly done but not quite.

I strung some beads to make another Butin Collar for a Christmas gift, but I haven’t started the knitting yet.

And I got excited about a WEBS Knitalong for Kristin Nicholas’ Sebastian gloves, so I joined in.  Here’s the photo from the cover of a recent WEBS catalog:Aren’t these FUN?!  They call for Kristin’s new yarn (Color by Kristin) but I have some of her old yarn stashed (Julia), so I’m using that.  It’s worsted weight yarn in a 50/25/25 blend of wool/mohair/alpaca.  I have to knit on a US4 to get gauge (5 st/in).  I’m making these for S1 and she chose the colors:IMG_2430 I’m making the ones with the cabled cuff (the pink and orange ones in the photo above).  The red will be the main color, with a teal border between it and the fingers, and alternating orange and green fingers/thumbs.  I’ll add some embroidery to embellish as in the other pair pictured above.

I think I have more projects on the needles right now than perhaps ever before.  It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.  Still, that didn’t stop me from casting on two new projects yesterday! (the necklace and the gloves)

One last thing I want to share with you: my mom made me this really neat cell phone wallet for my birthday.  I picked the fabric and the pattern, and she whipped it up.  Isn’t it cool?IMG_2438The inside is a nice contrast-y orange: IMG_2440The inside is just right for my phone, and the zipper pocket holds my ID and a bit of cash.  Perfect for grabbing when you don’t need a big bag.  Aren’t the snails adorable?! IMG_2441The pattern is available on Craftsy.  Now, want to take bets on how long it will take Judy to sew one of these up?

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  1. That bag is awesome. Kudos to your mom -- and lucky you! I love that you have so many things going. I just realized that all my blog posts for over a month have been about the same project -- so I appreciate your knitting polygamy.