Monday, January 7, 2013


Have you noticed that some people look fabulous in all types of hats, but others just don’t?  Well, I’m in the latter category. Most hats make me look like a total dweeb. I’m not sure what specific quality it is… the size of my head? the shape of my head? the relative position of my eyes? something about my haircut? But most hats look truly dreadful on me. Which is why, even though I’m a fairly accomplished knitter, I never wear handknit hats.

Until now? Is a beret the answer?sap hatThis is a pattern I’ve knit beforeNovember Leaves by Melissa LaBarre. Last time, I fudged a bit to make the numbers work with a different yarn than it called for. This time, I used the yarn called for (BrooklynTweed Shelter) but still fudged the numbers. I noticed that both of S1’s hats made from this type of yarn (Maple Leaf Do Rag and Molly) really stretched out at the ribbing – and then stayed stretched out. So I only cast on 72 (instead of the 90 called for) and did a twisted 1x1 rib instead of regular 1x1 rib. The result is a band that is snug but not tight… and I think it will only get looser.


I also blocked this hat on a dinner plate, which made it fall back on my head and behave a little better. I just love this colorway, which is called Sap. It’s so cheerful, and simultaneously autumnal and springlike.IMG_0714


In other news, back on Christmas Day I started the Fishbone Gansey Socks (yes, the same pattern Steven just finished … he finishes everything before me!).IMG_0722 It is hard to photograph this dark yarn, but I think you can see a hint of the pattern. This is a very special yarn and I’ve had a hard time deciding what to knit with it. I got it at the first Sock Summit (2009) and it’s from Toots LeBlanc & Co. It’s a 3-ply sock yarn made from Jacob, alpaca, and mohair. I think the socks will be super warm. This yarn feels so ALIVE compared to typical commercial sock yarn… a lot like handspun. I sure hope it holds up well. I’m a little nervous, as the Hedgerow Socks I made out of a 50/50 wool/mohair blend popped massive holes after a few wearings. But I won’t find out unless I knit and wear these, so here goes!

I’m working hard on Boy 1’s gray sweater now. That may be my next update!

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  1. Urgh. Can't seem to make comments with my iPad...

    The beret looks awesome -- the right size, the right shape and so the right color. And the socks are coming along nicely -- I still remember us giggling in the Toots LeBlanc booth at The Sock Summit. And I do NOT finish everything before you -- I haven't knit a stitch on Spectra for days!