Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hey, a sweater!

Well, almost. I finished the knitting portion of the Chip sweater I’m making for Boy 1. Here are some hasty shots taken over his PJs.IMG_0743 You can see that it came out a little large – but I’m totally fine with that. This way, he’ll be able to wear it for 2-3 years. If the next few years are anything like the last ones, he will only grow taller but not much bigger in circumference. The shoulders are a teensy bit wide, but not much. Plus, when the zipper is in and zipped up, that will pull it tighter.IMG_0742 The collar isn’t finished yet. You’re supposed to put the zipper in first, then stitch it down. I have it folder in above, but it’s not tacked down yet.IMG_0738

We’ll have to roll up the cuffs for a while!IMG_0740The shoulder seams were done with 3 needle bindoff for strength, and they look nice, too: 


I promise to get better photos once the sweater is all finished.

This weekend, I’ll procure a zipper. I’ve never put a zipper in anything before, so I have some studying to do. Steven did his with a latch hook. I forgot to ask him more about this when we were in Austin a few weeks ago. Steven, did you have to buy a latch hook? Or did you make do with a crochet hook?

Anyone else have recommendations about how to put a zipper into knitwear?

For now, I’ve returned to my Fishbone Gansey Socks. I’ll tell you more about those next time.

Can you believe poor Edith got jilted?

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