Sunday, March 24, 2013

Katniss Socks

I finally finished these socks – they were my office knitting for a good 7 weeks.IMG_0949 I made a bunch of modifications as I knit these. They are outlined in Ravelry if you are interested. I added a pattern repeat to the leg to make it longer, but now I wish I had added two pattern repeats. These are a little skimpy, and I had plenty of yarn left over (the socks weigh 81 g and I have 23 g left – the 100 g skein was a bit generous).IMG_0950I like how the gusset works, with the gusset triangle reflecting the rib stitch of the instep rather than the stockinette of the sole. It was fun to do something different. IMG_0953I expect these will be a very serviceable pair of socks. I’m anxious to see if they live up to their promise of keeping hot feet cool or cold feet warm (due to the 30% Outlast content). Time will tell!

IMG_0956In other news, I cast on for the Vodka Lemonade sweater this morning! Isn’t that swatch just dreamy? This is knit top down so what you see is the beginning of a seed stitch collar. Judy, have you wound your yarn yet? It’s a joy to knit with.

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  1. Such a beautiful color and such a lovely swatch! The socks are nice, too. I need to check out Outlast.