Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Special order slippers

I made Boy 1 a pair of felted slippers many years ago. FIVE years ago. Naturally, he’s long since outgrown them… but he hasn’t stopped wearing them. He insists they still fit. I have told him many times that I can make him a larger pair, but he resisted. At least, he did until last week.

Kids Clogs - done!At long last, he and his younger brother decided that Boy 2 could have the old slippers if Boy 1 got a new pair.IMG_0925

I sent them to my basket of feltable yarns, and this is what they picked. Clown colors. They are garish, but they’re kind of growing on me. No one else has anything remotely like them!IMG_0928Let me remind you that Boy 1 is red-green color blind, so what we see is not what he sees. I used the color blindness simulator to generate an image that may be what he sees:slippers med_protanopiaSo different, right?

I knew I was going to run out of green yarn, so I used the red/purple combo on the inside of the soles for slipper #2, changing to green only on row 5, which would show on the edge of the clog. This worked out pretty well.IMG_0930You can’t really see the color change when the slippers are on the foot.

I used all stash yarn for this project - hooray! I used about 370 yards of yarn on this project. Nature Spun Worsted is great for felting - these felted in a quick 9 minutes in my machine.

The designer, Bev Galeskas (RIP), was a genius. This is my fourth pair of felted clogs and I admire her design every single time I make them. Now… why have I never made myself a pair???


  1. Isn't it wonderful when something we have knit for others is so well-loved? Stash yarn, great colors, genius pattern, quick felt, happy boys - they all add up to a rousingly successful knit!

  2. Jeff says he likes the colors that Boy1 picked -- even before going through the simulator. They're not as bad as all that -- but still interesting to see what he sees.

    You made these so quickly!