Saturday, May 25, 2013

Slow Slow Quick

Juggling knitting WIPs is a dance, isn’t it? Right now I have two “slow” and one “quick” to share. First, the quick:IMG_1299I whipped up this hat out of stash leftovers (Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Lava Heather and Cobblestone). It’s destined for Caps for Kids. Part of our Knitters’ Day Out registration every year is to donate a hat. I’m ahead of the game – KDO isn’t until September.

I’m nearing the finish line on my Vodka Lemonade sweater – I have about half of the second sleeve to finish and then it will be ready for a bath. This is a teaser photo. You can tell that the fabric isn’t behaving. It should settle down after a dunk.IMG_1301I still don’t think I got the sizing quite right, but I’m learning. I keep reminding myself that I knit LOTS of socks before I got great at knitting socks that fit well, and the same will be true for sweaters. Isn’t the seed stitch on the color just delicious?IMG_1303 And here is my other “slow” project – a handspun Clockwork:IMG_1304 I love how meditative all that garter stitch is. But since the shawl is knit lengthwise, each row takes a while. This isn’t ideal for office knitting unless I know I’m going to be at a certain kind of meeting (long, big). Most of this is being knit at home.

I’ve actually started another quick project, too – a pumpkin hat for a baby who is expected in October. These little hats are so satisfying!

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  1. I love this post! As non-knitters, my family doesn't quite understand how certain projects are suited to certain knitting conditions, but you've described them perfectly with the slow, slow, quick dance.

    I'm finishing up a Hitchhiker and am also finding all the garter stitch meditative and fun. I'm actually going to be a bit sorry to bind off and am already searching for the perfect yarn for my next one for some summer travel knitting.