Monday, May 13, 2013

Why did the monkey like the banana?

Because it had appeal!

I joined the barrel of Monkey makers kind of late in the game, knitting my first pair in 2010. They were purple. Remember?

Monkey Socks

Back then, S1 said “hey, if you’re ever wondering what socks to make for me, I really like those Monkeys.” Two and a half years later, I got around to them:IMG_1252 These are made from a skein of yarn I got at Sock Summit (the second one, in 2011) from Dirty Water Dyeworks. The yarn is called Lucia and the color is Pixie. It’s the standard 75/25 superwash merino/nylon in a very light fingering weight.IMG_1253I am so happy to finally have socks from this yarn. This is the THIRD project I’ve tried to make with this yarn, and the FOURTH attempt (because I started the Elm socks twice after changing my mind about needle size).


This is an ideal sock for spring. The fabric is really quite thin and light, and the color is so new and hopeful. It’s the perfect sock for those days when you think it’s warmer than it really is (like today, when temps didn’t climb out of the 50s).

Hmmm… what’s next?

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