Saturday, June 22, 2013

Color obsession

Do you go through phases where you use the same colors all the time? I’m deep into one of those right now. I love that yellow-y shade of green with a deep, jewel-like teal.

sap hat IMG_0920




Our house is even painted in the deep blue color, with the green on the front door: 


Sometimes I’ll pair the green with a deep eggplant purple…IMG_2219 P1000267 …but mostly it’s blue.

My current project uses teal, green, purple, and gray, and it’s sooooooooo satisfying.IMG_1212 I had lots of fun deciding how to assign these seven colors to the Albers Cowl pattern. S1 helped me with Illustrator and this is what I came up with:alberscowl_color_planThis project is a curious mix of “pay attention NOW!” and “auto pilot” knitting. The “pay attention NOW” part comes when you pick up stitches to start a new rectangle. At first, I had to pause TV when I did this… but with practice it’s becoming very natural and easy. The garter stitch, of course, is all auto-pilot.

When completed, the three squares are sewn together in a tube to make a cowl. So far I have square #1 done and I’m on color #3 on square #2:P1000330 P1000331I bought this yarn at MDSW last month. When I got home and went to Ravelry to put the pattern in my queue, I discovered that it was already there. I’d tagged it with “sockyarn leftovers,” so at one point, I thought I could knit it with yarn I had on hand. Maybe I could have… but this kit is providing a lot of pleasure.

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  1. It's awesome when your outfit matches your house. I love all these colors -- they're so you!