Thursday, June 20, 2013

Social knitting

I’ve finished up a couple of small projects in the last week or so. Each of these was completed mostly in the company of others, and on the go.38-2crop The first is the softest, squishiest cowl you’ve ever seen. This is made from Great White Bale Lot #1 – a full skein – from a simple pattern of seed stitch and rib (Thirty-eight). I used a US 10.5 needle (6.5 mm) which felt like broomsticks to me. It was knit in the round (proof! it started at a soccer game!) so it was hard to tell how long it would really be.IMG_1369 It’s just long enough, I think. It doubles easily but doesn’t hang too long on my shorter frame.38-1crop These photos might give you a sense of the loftiness of the yarn. It looks like honeycomb in the ball, doesn’t it?IMG_1363 IMG_1365Lovely stuff.

The other thing I finished recently is a second pumpkin hat for the October baby’s older sister. Since this one is bigger than the baby version, I used a local head for the photograph. This child’s head is bigger than a two-year-old’s, so the hat looks a little small, but trust me, it will be perfect on the toddler.pumpkin2-2cropI added the leaf and tendril the same way I did for the first one. I can’t wait to see a little pair of pumpkin heads sporting these these fall. pumpkin2crop Right now I only have a single project on the needles. While I’m not normally one to have more than 3 or 4 projects going at once, it’s very rare to only have one. And what’s MORE rare is that it’s not a sock. In fact, I haven’t had a sock going since May 15 (gasp!). But my current project uses sock yarn… so maybe that counts. More on that… next time!

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