Saturday, August 31, 2013


P1010575 That means “wow!” in French (at least according to the Google). This is French yarn that my French friend brought me from actual France. Look, I can’t read the labels or anything!


She got it at an old mill that is still operating, powered by water. That is so cool. It is clearly undyed. Can anyone read this?P1010572The only thing I can read is that each skein is 100 grams and 267 meters, which is incredibly useful to know. P1010573The construction is a cabled ply. Here’s a clear definition from the interweb:

Plied yarns themselves can also be plied together, producing what is known as a cable yarn. To make a cabled yarn, singles are spun with the twist in one direction, they are plied in the opposite direction and the plies are plied together in the same direction that the singles were spun, adding even more strength to the final yarn. This makes a very stable yarn with great stitch definition (it's perfect for knitting cables, for instance).

This yarn has three 2-ply strands plied together. This yarn isn’t in Ravelry, although a couple of others made by APPAM are. I will have to think very carefully about what to make with it. Any ideas?

My friend Nathalie made a beautiful sweater earlier this year and finished it just in time to wear to a family wedding in France this summer. I wonder if I could get a smaller sweater out of this?DSC_1931This weekend, I’ll be doing my Knitters’ Day Out homework – classes are next Saturday. I also pledge to photograph my WIP made with Great White Bale Lot 3 (the blue skein) and share it with you. And I’ve started another super simple Felici Sport sock, this time for Boy 1 (who has the regular habit of growing out of his socks).

Hope your knitting is going well this weekend!


  1. My recent Canada trip taught me that interdit means something like "don't even think about it," and I think from the symbols you're not supposed to bleach or machine wash this yarn. But you don't need to be told that in any language!

    Such a lovely gray. How lucky for you! I don't have any immediate ideas, but I'm confident you'll come up with something beautiful.

  2. I just started following your blog - I moved to the Gettysburg area 2 weeks ago and met a woman at my church who said she was a friend of yours and told me about your blog. (I'm a librarian, too, though still looking for work, and also a knitter, so I think that's how it came up.)

    Anyway, I'm going to KDO too! And am super excited about it. Maybe we'll run into each other! #smallworld

  3. From the front of the label: Pure wool Riviera? I'm picturing sheep in tiny bikinis. It looks like the fiber is from Prealpes and Mourerous breeds, but I don't know anything about them at all.

    The other part of the label says something like "The wool you hold in your hands is the fruit of an adventure by breeders of APPAM. Anxious to rehabilitate what is now regarded as a byproduct by the industry they did make this thread by Italian companies still holding a large expertise. We hope by this industry action to boost local wool, the utilization of natural fibers and strengthen the sense of pastoral activity." I bet Profs. Viti or Jurney could do a much better job of translating!

    I hope your sense of pastoral activity is strengthened by knitting this lovely yarn!

  4. I'll be at KDO, too. I'll be working at the Knitters Dream booth. Stop by and introduce yourself. I'd love to meet you!