Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fraternal twins


Yes, those are what you think they are…another pair of Felici Sport socks. I think this is my last pair. I have two more balls each in colorways Too Cool and Sunny Day, but I’ve already made socks from each of those (I should be able to crank out a BSJ with the remaining balls plus a tiny bit of the leftovers from the socks). You may recall that Knit Picks closed out their sportweight line of Felici. …SIGH…P1010743Did you notice that these are fraternal rather than identical? This is because I knit the first sock, wove in the ends, gave it to Boy 1 to try on, and realized it was a bit snug. Out came the entire sock and I reknit it a bit bigger. In tinking it, I lost my landmarks for how I make the socks identical. No matter.

These are almost as big as Felici Sport socks I make for myself (I cast on 52 for me and 50 for these). I still think the heel might be a bit snug on him. I’ll have to remember that I can work the heel on more than half of the total stitches if I want to. P1010744 Boy 1 is super happy with these. I think it’s a great colorway for a guy. I wish they’d release more of these monochromatic striping yarns.

My next office knitting project will not be socks, but it will be something else for Boy 1. Any guesses?


  1. I wish I did a better job knitting socks...I need to work on making them fit better. Yours look great!

  2. Can't do better than gray, I always say. I'm going to guess cardigan?