Saturday, November 2, 2013

Albers, revisited

Remember the Albers Cowl I finished during the summer? So pretty.albers crop

Cooler temperatures finally arrived here and I wore it twice in the first week I could. But… it wasn’t quite right. The length was a bit awkward. It was more of a decorative cowl than a functional one. The only thing it kept warm was the back of the neck. So I did what others on Ravelry have done: modified it to have four panels instead of three. Now it hangs quite long, or doubles to be snuggly around my neck.albers long crop albers short crop I wasn’t as in love with the 4th panel as I was with the first three. I had to use the colors that I had enough of to finish the square. Here is the new panel:albers purple center crop And just for reference, here are the original panels:

albers green center crop albers lt gray center crop

albers dr gray center crop

If I were to make another one of these, I would modify the pattern so that the squares aren’t so wide. But I do still love the look of the offset squares, like log cabins gone a bit wonky. You can’t appreciate the beauty of the squares as much when it’s being worn, but that’s okay. I know they are there. And these colors look so striking together. I have only Miss Babs to thank for that, since she selected the 7 colors in this kit!babs I finished this a couple of weeks ago but only just got photos today. We have come to the time of year when it is too dark to photograph before and after work on weekdays, so it has to happen on weekends. It was on my list to do last weekend but didn’t quite happen. I should have some new posts for you this week, though!


  1. It looks great! Love the offset squares, they look a bit retro modern.

  2. This is a big part of why I love blogs and Ravelry; I'm always happy to get real info. & help with patterns and projects. Four squares looks like a great improvement and I love the colors!

  3. Gorgeous! All these colors work so well together -- and the 4th panel looks just fine to me. Glad you were able to fix this to make it a bit more workable for you.