Monday, November 4, 2013

A hug from Mom

You may recall the scarf I started making for Boy 1 – it is done and here it is!

P1020090I always forget that scarves aren’t exactly quick projects. I used four balls of Swish DK on this one. The finished scarf is 65” long by about 7” wide.P1020098I made a couple of modifications so the size wouldn’t overwhelm a boy’s frame; they are detailed on my Ravelry project page.P1020092Boy 1 is very happy. I’m a bit worried that the velcro on his winter coat hood will eat up this scarf, but such is life. He insists on velcro-ing everything up tight as if preparing for a trip across the tundra. There is just nothing to do about it. At least we’ll have these photos of it in pristine condition.

Here’s the “wrong” side – still looks attractive:P1020097 Winter: bring it on!


  1. Really great pattern - and it looks wonderful in that yarn!

  2. Perfect! I know he loves it. And don't worry about the Velcro. You can always make another one.

  3. Velco! Just this morning I pulled the velcro around his hood off of the gray sweater I knit him last winter. A little part of my heart tore along with the yarn. But... he's worn the sweater twice this week (and let's note that today is TUESDAY) so he loves loves loves it.

    Maybe he needs a new coat, sans velcro!