Thursday, November 7, 2013

Give a hoot!

owl tree

What do you think of this handsome little bird? He is a test knit for our upcoming C3 party (Crafts, Cookies, & Cocktails). I like to have one knit craft along with some that don’t require any specialized skills.

I used safety eyes that I had on hand from my obsession with knit aliens in prior years. Remember these guys? So fun. We made holiday aliens at the 1st Annual C3 party

The alien eyes are 7.5mm. I think this owl needs bigger eyes, so I’ll be shopping for more at my eye place, which is I also think I could try to stuff him a little differently so that the “corners” of his head look pointier. Stay tuned for refinements on the knit owl.owl leavesThe pattern is free on Auntie Em’s Studio blog. My test owl is the seed stitch version with seed stitch wings. I knit him easily in an evening. I didn’t time it, but it was somewhere between one and two hours.

I’m starting to catch the holiday spirit. You won’t find me putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but you will definitely find me thinking about holiday craft projects!

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