Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hat Update

gray hat cropSometime over the Christmas break, I was digging around in one of my big yarn stash boxes. I found a couple of random balls of warm yarn that I set aside to make hats for Gettysburg C.A.R.E.S. The hat above is made from Berroco Peruvia. I had one ball of this gray color that I used some of for a sporty edging on the late red sweater. Earlier in the fall, I sold the remaining hanks of red yarn (and also a pretty bluish-green color with which I intended to make a sweater for myself). I would have thrown in this almost-full ball, too, if I’d remembered I had it. No matter! It is now a hat. This pattern looks like cables but is actually just lace and increases/decreases. Free pattern, too!

cares hat crop

I also found this yarn in the box. Like the Peruvia, it is a bulky-weight, singles yarn – lightweight and warm. I know I knit a multidirectional diagonal scarf from this yarn when I was a very new knitter. But I ripped it out a few years later, since I never wore the scarf (it came out too wide and too short). Apparently I wound the yarn up and forgot about it. But now it is a very warm hat. The hat is actually a little large, but I think it will work for something with a large head and/or voluminous hair. I used the free Knitted Basic Hat "Formula" Pattern that I’ve used many, many times over the years. It never disappoints in terms of fit – the crown decreases are always well-placed.

IMG_2614 Our knitting group met last week. Imagine my delight when one by one, knitters handed me a hat or two or three to donate. I came home with SEVEN more handknit hats (in addition to the two I made)! Someone also found a handknit scarf plus a couple of commercial scarves, a commercial hat, and a pair of mittens that are all very warm.  We’re expecting another “arctic blast” (or whatever the weather folks call it this time) later this week and there will be at least a couple of days where the temperatures never rise above freezing. It’s the perfect time to drop off another batch of warm things at Gettysburg C.A.R.E.S.IMG_2617 I’m finding that these hat projects are the perfect thing to take the edge off when I’m not up to the brain strain of a sweater project. And so far, everything I’ve done as been from stash. Bonus!

Today one of the green sleeves of Twigs and Willows is blocking. I am heartened by what I see on the blocking board. Will keep you posted.

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  1. Such a great project. And I had to heave a sigh at the phrase "voluminous hair."