Sunday, February 16, 2014

First socks of 2014

I finally finished the small project that I started back on New Year’s Even. These socks began as 2013 ended and ended last week. It’s a hard time of year to photograph knitwear. I apologize.IMG_2679

I used the stitch pattern from Simple Skyp socks, which is seed stitch rib, and applied to my basic top-down sock. These are for Boy 1, who is growing but isn’t quite wearing socks that are the same size as mine. The CO is 60. There is an eye-of-partridge heel, which I neglected to photograph. We took these pictures on Friday morning (which was, of course, another snow day here) and he hasn’t taken them off since (it’s now Sunday afternoon). So I’m not touching them now!IMG_2682 Here’s a close-up of the seeded rib. It’s a simple rib variation that is quite handsome.I worked twisted rib on the cuff for extra stretchiness. He asked me to make these bigger, so I did. You’ve got to love it when your kid is anxious about growing out of his handknit socks too quickly.IMG_9690Isn’t this a beautiful shade of brown? It’s called “Browncoat” but I think of it as “Redwood.” Of course, Boy 1 actually thinks these are red (remember he’s red-green color blind).

The finished socks weigh 81 g. I have a generous 36 g remaining. The yarn is a lovely BFL (blue-faced leicester)/nylon blend dyed by Huckleberry Knits and purchased at Sock Summit 2011. I think BFL is warmer than merino, but maybe that’s all in my head?

In other knitting news, I’m slowly working on my grey Custom Fit sweater. The green Twigs and Willows sweater needs to be seamed and the the buttons have to be sewn on – then it’s DONE. But my house has been plagued by sickness and snow days, and I haven’t had enough of my wits about me to seam a sweater. Hopefully soon.

I also started some thrummed mittens! More on that later this week. I pledge to blog more frequently!


  1. Beautiful! Color blindness surely isn't a barrier to god taste -- I like this color. And these socks look rather reddish to me, too.

    Can't wait to see those sweaters!

  2. Those are beautiful socks and it sounds like they're keeping Boy 1 warm. Here's hoping your house recovers from sickness and too much snow. What a perfect winter for thrummed mittens!