Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wedding Knitting

Many of you know we’re attending a couple of weddings this spring. One involves traveling to Texas and figuring out what “rustic formal” means. I’m still not sure what it means, but I’ve decided to just wear a cute fun dress and call it good. The fact that I’m even wearing a dress makes it a formal occasion.

Spring wedding in Texas… think wildflowers! Wedding vows will be made at sunset. There will be s’mores. It’s not super formal. I pictured a dress in a spring color. But this year, there are no colors in the stores. Everything is black and white. So I bought a kicky little black and white dress that kind of reads “Mad Men” on me and plan to knit a colorful shawl to go with it. Here’s the dress:

Taylor Dresses Illusion Cap Sleeve Fit & Flare DressTaylor Dresses Illusion Cap Sleeve Fit & Flare Dress

[Note: that is not ME pictured in the dress! hahahaha!]

This dress really does need a shawl in a nice color. I was inspired by the neckline of this dress (which I did not buy) – don’t you just love that little greenish-yellow bit of piping? dress necklineSo I bought 3 skeins of Shibui Staccato (70% superwash merino, 30% silk) in the color “Apple” and I intend to make Gyllis by Stephen West. I felt that this particular dress didn’t call for a shawl with a botanical motif and I liked the angles on this pattern. The yarn arrived today and it’s JUST the right color:

IMG_2700I also wanted to knit something for the brides. But they live in a sub-tropical climate (Houston), so wool isn’t usually their thing. I finally settled on sparkly accessories knit in the colors of those Texas wildflowers… picture the rolling green hills of central Texas dotted with bluebonnets, black-eyed Susans (brown and gold), and Indian paintbrush (red). You really have to see the flowers to believe them. Go ahead, google “Texas wildflower” and limit to “images.” I will wait.

Here are a couple of images that are free to copy, in case you just can’t search right now:

I put those colors into Laura Nelkin’s Stereo Cuff and here’s what I got:IMG_2696IMG_2694Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea, these cuffs aren’t meant to be worn by the brides AT the wedding… they are just meant to evoke the colors of the wedding. I’m sure they can find some funky way to wear them. They are more stylish than me!IMG_2578

And they don’t read this blog, so I don’t think I’m spoiling a surprise.

As always Laura Nelkin’s pattern was exceptionally well-written and super fun to knit. I added a little to my bead stash and got to use some leftover sock yarns.


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  1. This is all wonderful! I'm sure you and the whole family will look lovely. That green is perfect with that dress. They'll love the cuffs, too.

    Can't wait until you all get here. I'm still mulling over my "look" - as Tim Gunn would say.