Monday, September 22, 2014

Socks Socks Socks

This post is titled precisely – I really do have three pairs of socks to tell you about.IMG_4449First, I finished Dan’s socks. I still haven’t had the official photo shoot with him wearing them, but they are done. It is so difficult to capture this gorgeous brown yarn color accurately. You can tell that the season is starting to turn here by all these leaves in my yard. They are there partly because it’s been so dry but also partly because it’s time for them to turn golden. I do think yellows help show the brown best:IMG_4445 Next is my office knitting. I needed a small project to work on at the office (after finishing Dan’s socks) and I gravitated to the My Cup of Tea pattern, which is mostly stockinette with a crocus motif down one 1 (2) The yarn is a beautiful hand-dyed skein I picked up at Sock Summit 2011 from The Periwinkle Sheep. The colorway is Juniper and it’s a dreamy semi-solid of bluish-green.

IMG_9699I think the color displays more accurately in the skein photo above than in the sock photo. I’ll have to work on that.IMG_4438Finally, it turns out that my new office sock isn’t as dead simple as I anticipated, so I had to cast on a truly vanilla sock to work during soccer and baseball games last weekend. Out game that vibrant ball of Trekking XXL that I got at MDSW last spring. I got pretty far in one day, especially given that I had to put down my knitting in order to hold an umbrella for quite a while on Saturday morning.

So there you have it – one pair of socks done and two more cast on within the same week.

My next post will be about Knitters’ Day Out 2014.


  1. My husband doesn't understand "situational knitting" projects but you've got them mastered. I love the color and texture of Dan's socks!

  2. All of these are marvelous, of course, but I like Dan's socks the best. They look more purplish in these pictures, but I remember them looking browner before. Nice!