Sunday, December 14, 2014

Group Work

I have two projects to report on today, both related to my beloved knitting group. IMG_5016First: we did it again! We made a blanket as a surprise wedding gift! This one was sooooo secret that it was delivered a full 6 months after the vows were made; hopefully it was no less sweet for being late. We followed the same pattern we used for our first secret group project: Staci’s free Log Cabin Scrap Blanket pattern. Instead of making each square different, we went for a more orderly effect. I think Caitlin likes it!


She certainly was surprised. One amusing detail: we picked these colors because they coordinated well with some Roman shades she sewed earlier this year. We had the distinct impression they were meant for her living room window. But… they are actually for her bathroom. So we joke that this is her bathroom blanket.IMG_5014 The yarn is (once again) Cascade 220 Superwash. The colors, from inside square outward, are: strawberry cream, lichen, raspberry, and doeskin heather.


The second project I have to share with you are some wooly critters from our annual C3 party. This is the fourth year S1 and I have hosted the anti-stress holiday party titled Crafts, Cookies, and Cocktails. We have one yarn craft each year (as the knitters attend in full force), but also several non-yarn activities for our other lovely guests. This year, the official yarn project was the Mini Pookie. With more or less the same body shape, you can make a polar bear, arctic fox, or sheep. I made a test sheep (our of Cascade 220 Superwash left over from Jess’s blanket): IMG_5051

This project definitely takes longer to knit than the mini aliens from the initial year of C3, but it could still be completed during the party. I present evidence from Caitlin and Heidi, who both knit the polar bear version:IMG_5167 Note the differences in gauge. Our little pookies could be source material for Goldilocks:


Several other critters were nearly done by night’s end, including this one. Marta managed to break both her needles so we think she needs to loosen up on her stitches!IMG_5173As usual, an excellent time was had by all.  This gathering has become a cherished tradition in our annual calendar. Thank you friends for sharing yourselves and your love of craft with us again this year!


  1. Love my blanket so much!! We are so grateful for such good knitting friends. Especially those that host crafty parties and feed us cookies. :)

  2. That blanket is fantastic. The colors really work. And I so wish I could come to your C3 party some time!