Wednesday, December 17, 2014

North Pole Color


This is a very quick post to show that Boy 1’s socks are done! They knit up super fast at only 48 stitches around on 2.75mm needles. I’m so glad I reknit the first sock. The difference between working on 2.5s and 2.75s was huge – I hadn’t realized how much the 2.5 needles were hurting my hands until I moved up.IMG_5159Boy 1 is such a patient and obedient sock model. I say “strike a pose!” and he gives me all kinds of variations. Not all my sock models do that. Just saying. IMG_5162 The yarn is Regia North Pole Color #06094. It comes in a giant 150g ball (Ravelry says it is DK!). I used 88 grams on these socks and have 62 grams remaining. I made these a little big for him since he is growing so quickly. I used the graduated toe again like I did on my purple socks and Dan’s socks. I guess that’s my signature toe for fall 2014.


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  1. "Not all my sock models do that. Just saying." Amen.