Saturday, March 7, 2015


Last weekend when we gathered the handknit socks for washing, we noticed that this pair (knit in Fall 2013) was decided misshapen (it hasn’t been washed yet):IMG_5600

Do you see where the heel actually is, compared to where it appears Boy 1’s heel sat in the sock all day? He is wearing socks that are far too small for him. Every time we tell him to take them out of rotation, he just ignores us. Here is the same sock next to a recently-knit pair – this really highlights the difference:IMG_5601

Since I knit these socks top-down, I decided to see if I could just rip out (or cut out) the toe and reknit them (I was inspired by S1’s sock toe makeover). With an extra 1.5” in length, these fit much better now:IMG_5615


That little project went so well that I started looking at the sock laundry with new eyes. I decided that these also needed some toe lengthening: IMG_5617These were scrappy socks I knit way back in Fall 2011, so it’s crazy that he’s still wearing them. These turned out to be much more challenging to lengthen. The yarns were more felted. I had to rip one pair back quite a bit further than the other. But, they live to serve another year!


Here are the photos from when these pairs were brand new:


IMG_6379 These two modifications took a full week of my knitting time, but that is far faster than knitting him two pairs of socks. I call this a WIN!


  1. Genius! In theory, you could keep this up until his feet are adult-sized. But are you telling us that you still have yarn in those colorways just sitting around after all these years?

  2. Steven, I DO have yarn in those colorways - I keep all the leftover balls in glass jars and they look beautiful.

    Someday I'll make a sock yarn blanket, but I haven't started it yet...