Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ow, my eyes!


Just a quick update (I’m wrestling with technology). These are the socks I finished on a flight home earlier this week. They are proudly modeled by Boy 1. Since he is consuming socks faster than anyone else in the family right now, I have focused my sock efforts on him. When I finished the last socks, I said “go pick some yarn from the cabinet.” To my surprise, he picked this, which is truly ancient stash. In fact, it fits my criteria for sock exclusion (100% superwash wool), but I figure he’ll outgrow them before wearing them out. His comment: “ooooo, so blue!”IMG_5641

He was very clear that he wanted plain stockinette on the foot, but he was interested in something snazzier for the leg. I sent him to my sock drawer for inspiration. He liked these socks, which use the Undulating Rib stitch pattern from Favorite Socks. The pattern calls for 66 stitches. I have knit these 3 times already and I always downsize to 60 stitches, so I did that again. I got all the way to the heel and then we had a fitting. Verdict: TOO TIGHT. So I ripped it out and started again with 66. Little boy is growing up. IMG_5639

I chose the eye of partridge heel. It is very strong and also very slim, so it doesn’t create a lot of bulk inside of shoes. Plus it looks very handsome. IMG_5643

The finished socks weigh 98 grams. The skein was big so I have some left… but I can see I have reached the time when the boy’s socks require at least 100 grams of yarn. I made these just a little big so they will fit next season. I notice he wore them to school today, so SCORE ONE FOR MOM.

I still don’t have photos of that sweater. But I will!


  1. Any time you knit for your kids and they actually wear what you knit, it's a big win. Extra bonus points for you that he wore them to school so everyone could see his great “oooo, so blue” socks!

  2. Those are pretty near adult-sized feet! Very nice pair of socks. I love that he loves such bright colors!