Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Use it up


My mother cross-stitched this picture for me many years ago. I’m pretty sure it was a Christmas present. In my mind’s eye, I can see it hanging in a string of graduate school apartments as well as another apartment here in Gettysburg and now in my house. When I find myself frugally trying to use every last bit of something, I often hear this poem in head:

Use it up

Wear it out

Make it do

Or do without

I heard it again as I worked this pair of socks, which were made entirely with leftovers. IMG_0069

These are the “blendy” socks I showed you a few weeks ago. They were made from leftover yarn from this pair for S1:IMG_5608

and this pair of mine:IMG_0066

(Did you notice that I reworked the toe decreases on these? No more candy corn!)

The finished socks weigh about 93 grams. I used ALL the beige yarn and have only 11 grams of the blue stripey yarn left. IMG_0071

I actually ran out of the beige yarn before finishing the second sock. If you look carefully, you’ll see one blendy toe is worked from both ends of the blue/green stripey yarn. This continues the blendy effect even though it’s from the same ball of yarn.IMG_0068

It just tickles me to make 3 pairs of socks from 2 balls of yarn!


  1. "Use it up" is good advice, and when it's done as beautifully as you have, that's a real accomplishment! Those are really wonderful socks!

  2. Gorgeous socks! All the the pairs!

  3. So cool. I especially like the 3-legged shot!