Sunday, April 3, 2016

Easter Egg Yarn

I finished spinning my Sheepspot Cormo singles on Easter Sunday, and I really couldn’t have picked more Easter-y fiber to work with that day. Doesn’t it look like a bunch of eggs, or jelly beans? Here are the singles:20160327_161558

I spun the whole braid of fiber on one bobbin. Then I used my scale and bobbin winder to divide it into three parts of equal weight: IMG_0112

I got this bobbin winder for my birthday and I LOVE it. It’s very well made (and a lot more affordable than the one made by my wheel maker). Used with my new yarn scale, which measures to the tenth of a gram, the winding off went quite smoothly. This is what I had when I was done:IMG_0114

I made a three-ply yarn in order to blend the colors even more. This is what the bobbin looked like when I was done plying:20160330_081546

Then I used my new skein winder that I got for Christmas – another extremely well made tool that is a pleasure to use – to wind up a skein that measures 72” in circumference:IMG_0115

And here it is! According to the skein winder, it measures 310 yards. I know Cormo can really crimp up with a bath so I’m not sure I really have that many yards. IMG_0124

I may have put a bit too much twist in it. I like a lot of twist, but this yarn probably isn’t as soft as it could be because of that. I’m also wondering if I should have experimented with spinning from the fold to add a bit of loft to what is a classic worsted yarn.

This is the January 2016 shipment of the Sheepspot Fiber Club. I know the next shipment is en route. I thought about waiting on it… but then I decided to get something else on the wheel right away. Guess what? This gorgeous batt I got at MDSW last year. This is Falkland: IMG_5931

And it’s a gradient:IMG_5930

Stay tuned!


  1. The Cormo spun up beautifully! I love how it looks plied up - really nice work, Janelle!

    And, that batt is lovely - can't wait to see how you spin that up!

    Also - thanks for the tip on the bobbin winder!

  2. Wow! That skein winder puts the pvc pipe contraption to shame...although I really, really love mine and use it all the time.