Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hidden treasure

We recently had some work done in our living room that required moving a large, antique rolltop desk. It had not been moved in about 15 years. (I adore this desk. It was a high school graduation gift from my parents.)IMG_2127

Since we had to remove all the drawers anyway, I decided to KonMari the whole thing. And in that process, I decided to move some things out of the desk that I don’t often need to access, and replace them with things I use all the time – like fiber tools. IMG_2129


This process also prompted me to completely empty two of those large African baskets full of random fiber. I got rid of some of it. I stuffed one bag with promising bits and labelled it “practice fiber for beginners.” And I also found some good stuff! Like about 3/4 of a braid of Gale’s Art BFL. I started spinning this on a spindle years ago and it never really took off. I did the rest on the wheel and spun it worsted. I got 138 yards of 3-ply yarn (73 g) and then a tiny bit more of 2-ply (27 yards, 9 g). IMG_4442

IMG_4447 crop

It was a very pleasing spin. The colorway, by the way, is “Stormy Sea.” My trusty blog reveals that I bought that at MDSW in 2009.

I also unearthed a ziploc bag containing 6 ounces of roving purchased from the Steam Valley Fiber Farm in Trout Run, PA – I got it at Knitters’ Day Out in 2010. Whoa, that was a long time ago. I learned to spin in 2008 so this is vintage fluff. This is a 70/20/10 lend of wool/mohair/silk and it is a roving preparation, so I’m spinning it longdraw. I’m planning on a 3-ply yarn. The colorway is called “Magic Wand.” IMG_2125

I’ve been working on this a little bit every morning before work. It is really lovely to hear the wheel whir and make yarn before heading into the office.


  1. I love antique desks with plenty of drawers and cubbyholes, and yours is especially nice. What a perfect graduation gift. Gorgeous spinning - just don't forget to go in to the library!

  2. Repurposing that desk for knitting stuff is genious. I always like seeing it sitting there when I come to visit!