Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Field Trip–Baltimore ed.

20170325_131326I was in Baltimore for a conference last week and was able – FINALLY – to make a visit to the Neighborhood Fiber Co. I have seen their yarn at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, but never been able to visit their shop. I was especially motivated to do so because of this post by owner Karida Collins: Neighborhood Fiber Co. Takes a Stand.


The shop is gorgeous. It’s in an old firehouse and the shop and studio are in one big room. You can see exactly where all these yummy skeins are dyed. I was there on a Saturday and there was no dying, just drying. 20170325_124731

Like many LYSs, there were many small, artistic touches that gave the place a distinct personality.20170325_130627

The gradient sets were out of control. Fortunately for my wallet, I was so overwhelmed by the beauty that I could not settle on a colorway or a project, so I didn’t get one. (But I’ll be musing between now and MDSW!)20170325_130509

I couldn’t leave without getting something, though. I was intrigued by a sample of the Seashore Cowl, which uses two yarns with very different textures. All the Ravelry photos show it being worn as a capelet, which I’m not likely to do… but I can definitely see wearing it as a loop. I chose colors that are very “me” and will fit in with my wardrobe. Gone are the days when I listen to that little voice that says “but you already have a gray and green cowl” – if it’s in my color palette, that’s fine. I’ve learned that I’m a lot more likely to wear those things that are in “my” colors even if I have choices in those colors. What’s different for me about this project is combining two yarns that are so different. IMG_2817The gray yarn is a laceweight merino/cashmere/nylon, and the green is 60/40 mohair/silk. I’ve already cast on!

And yeah, I got the Unity shirt and pin, too. I’ve already worn the shirt, so I guess it was a good field trip. So glad I skipped lunch after the Carla Hayden talk to go! (She was amazing btw.)

Other than that, there has just been a lot of blanket square knitting. Like these:


And I’ve been spinning a new project, which is ready to ply. Maybe that will be my next post.


  1. Beautiful yarn and bravery to take a positive stand - I think I'll be shopping there! Oh, those gradients!

  2. I agree with both you and Bonnie...the gradients are LOVELY!