Saturday, March 18, 2017


I finished the yarn spun from Olivia’s Romney cross fleece and it came out so beautifully! This top photo is its true color (it was taken outdoors):

FullSizeRender (10)As you probably expected, I made a classic worsted yarn since I had a classic worsted prep (hand-combed top). I used a short forward draw on my 12.5:1 pulley. This was a bigger pulley than I started with but it just felt right somehow. When it was time to ply, though, I needed my smallest pulley – 16:1 (with ten treadles per pull). I think this is technically a little overplied, but it felt appropriate. The resulting yarn is pretty fine. I haven’t measured wraps per inch yet because I haven’t wound it, but you can get a sense of it here:IMG_2767

Initially I was thinking that since this wasn’t super soft, I would weave with it. But it seems softer now. Lace would be appropriate given the fineness and 2-ply structure, but I’ve never been a big lace knitter. Perhaps a SIMPLE lace pattern for a single skein. Any ideas?

This top was beguiling to spin. The change in colors was subtle and dreamy. I took one last photo before starting my final cloud:IMG_2723

Now that I have the basics of hand combing down, I’m ready to try it again. Sasha’s second Fleece Club shipment is also appropriate for combing. Meet Oliver:IMG_2618

Oliver is a CVM (California Variegated Mutant), which sounds ominous but really just means a colored variety of Romeldale. It is a fine wool with 4” staples, which means it should comb well. Sasha also says it can be “flicked” but I don’t have the right tool to try that. I’ll return to my ominous combs.


  1. That variegated mutant does sound horrifying! But your grey whispy lacy yarn is so, so pretty! Definitely try something with lace. It looks perfect for that. I'm not sure I have a recommendation that will work with your amount, though. Maybe a smallish doily? That doesn't seem very you, but lace would definitely show off this yarn well!

  2. No, a lace doily doesn't seem very "me"! :)