Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My kind of seashore

I have a FO to share that languished so many times along the way. Remember my field trip to Neighborhood Fiber Co. back in March? I bought the yarn to make the Seashore Cowl. IMG_2817If you glance at the pattern photo for Seashore Cowl, you’ll notice it is quite wide and worn pulled down over the shoulders, like a capelet. There is one photo of it worn bunched up like a cowl, but it is a LOT of cowl. As I started knitting and realize how very warm the mohair is, I questioned the likelihood of my wearing it – in either position. I also began to like it just as it was. I set it aside for a while to think, and when I came back to it, I bound off. It is done! IMG_5679We have been having a mini heat wave this week and the Real Feel was over 100 this afternoon, so there was no way I was putting this on for a photo. It is WARM.

The gray yarn is a merino/nylon/cashmere blend, and the green is mohair/silk. IMG_5678The resulting confection is sooooo light (it weighs only 37 grams) and of course I have tons of yarn left over. I think I will experiment with weaving it. I can use my little Swatch Maker Loom I got at MDSW and see how it looks. The green mohair may be frustratingly sticky to work with (I would use it as weft), but we shall see. You can see that one of the gray edges is scalloped (maybe that’s why the “seashore” reference?), but blocking that edge to exaggerate the points when it is a circle is really hard.

I think this cowl will be perfect for those days in late winter/early spring when you want it to be warm but it’s really not. This looks like spring, even though it’s toasty. IMG_5677

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  1. I love those colors together and especially your choice to let it be a cowl and not a capelet. When I see people wearings things pulled down over the shoulders, it always makes me think of a straitjacket!