Tuesday, August 1, 2017



This colorway is perfectly named – the fiber (organic Polwarth) is soft as a cloud, and the color (a dreamy semisolid dove gray) is really just a wisp of a color. I bought the fiber at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last May and intended to spin a 3-ply yarn for the Pania of the Reef shawl. It was meant to go with this gradient yarn, which I spun in April 2016:IMG_0146


I spun the top worsted style all onto one bobbin, which I then transferred to 3 storage bobbins (weighing to get them as even as possible):IMG_4277


Then I made a 3-ply yarn. One bobbin emptied sooner than the other two. I tried something new at this point… I took the remaining bobbin that seemed the fattest and I wound it into a center-pull ball on my ball winder. Then I held that little ball in my hand, and I pulled from both ends of it – along with the remaining bobbin – to make more 3-ply yarn. I think I got about 30 extra yards by doing this! Boy 2 tried to capture an action shot:IMG_6473

This worked quite well – I’ll use this technique again in the future!

This photo shows the yarn before finishing (left) and after finishing (right). The color difference is just due to the light (evening light made it look bluer). I thought this Polwarth would puff up more than it did. It puffed a little, though.JLXK1248

This was a really lovely spin. I would definitely purchase from this farm again – it came from Middle Brook Fiberworks in Bedminster, NJ.

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  1. Love the gray color and your clever "every last bit" technique! I really like the contrast in the last photo, and will have to try some day/night yarn photography just as an interesting experiment.