Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mrs. Who?

In early June, I went to the Frederick Fiber Fest, a newish event I hadn’t been to before. It was smallish but packed with gorgeous yarns. I think I hadn’t prepared myself mentally for the bounty of beauty, and I fell off my yarn diet. But I got some beautiful things that I really love: IMG_5669

Now that I’ve knit two of the skeins in that photo, I’m ‘fessing up. I got these two with only the vaguest idea that I would make one of those two-skeins-of-sock-yarn shawls. After getting home, I settled down for some serious Ravelry searching, and eventually settled on the Mrs. Blandings shawl. (I still don’t know if the reference is to the 1948 film, the 1946 novel, or something else.) I cast on before our vacation – proof! IMG_3419

And then I proceeded to ignore it in favor of some grey socks until the socks were done. But now, it’s done: crop1

I think this will fit into my so-called wardrobe well. I have plenty of grey, and the multi color works with just about anything. It is LONG – 83” wingspan – but not so deep – only 17” at the deepest point.crop4

I really loved working with the multicolor, which I guess is hand painted but is probably splashed more than anything else. IMG_5663It was so entertaining to see which colors would come up against each other. Though at times, there isn’t enough contrast between it and the dreamy dove grey color. And I wonder if the fancy stitch pattern in the solid section even shows up against the riot of color: IMG_6491

The shawl was supposed to end with a striping section, but I added another 9 garter ridges of grey since I had the yarn and I felt it balanced that edge against the cast-on point. IMG_6485

I have a little bit of yarn left over, but it will go straight into my I Love Leftovers blanket. Overall, this is a serviceable shawl and I look forward to cooler temps that will cause me to pull it out again.


  1. I love wild colors in the skein, but often much less when I'm trying to knit them. I think your use of gray with these colors shows them wonderfully. Looking forward to seeing what you do with some of that other yarn!