Tuesday, November 17, 2020

More hats from quarantine

I often have a very simple hat on the needles. It's perfect for knitting during meetings. Curiously, though, I haven't been knitting as much during work meetings on Zoom as I do in person. Is anyone else experiencing this? My theory is that because my zoom screen shows a view of me (and everyone else) that is much closer than we would be in person, it just feels too close to knit. But sometimes, I knit.

From mid-September through mid-October, I had yet another Sockhead Slouch going (very simple yarn out of sock yarn). In fact, it's my ninth one! I used this skein which never appealed to me. The contrast between the golden yellow and brown is too harsh, and I knew it would pool in socks:

However, this yarn feels wonderful! It has cashmere in it. S1 got it on a work trip in 2015. I decided that someone would love it (just not me) so I made a simple hat. Boy 2 is modeling it here:

I have to say, though, that these colors match the late fall foliage quite well. So many of the trees with later leaf drop turn this deep, rich, gold, and they contrast with the brown tree trunks just like this. So maybe I just need to shift my perception of this colorway.

Perhaps there's a sports team somewhere with brown and gold? I am so not a sports person, so do enlighten me if there is. 

Then I attended a virtual conference last week and found myself wanting a simple project in my hands again. I quickly cast on for a Bankhead hat using a skein of handspun I made in 2015. Hmmm, there seems to be a pattern here. Yarns acquired in 2015 are made into hats in 2020. Curious.

Here is the original skein:

The fiber was a luscious braid dyed by Miss Babs called "Sprucey," a yummy green-blue combo that I couldn't resist. However, my spinning left much to be desired. This yarn measured out to a worsted weight overall, but boy does it go thick and thin. This shot shows some of the variation in the skein

However, the finished hat will be nice and warm for someone. Whose hat is this? I do not know! Let me know if it speaks to you!

I'm glad to have two skeins mostly out of stash. There are leftovers from each, but I don't really consider leftovers to be stash.

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  1. Those are two very nice hats! I've knit a couple of Sockhead Cowls, but never a hat. I've got yarn for a Christmas hat for Justin, and I think it might want to be a Sockhead Slouch. (I can't go wrong with a hat that you've knit nine times!)