Saturday, September 21, 2013


mudra crop

In composing this post, I realize that you are going to really start seeing how many things in my life conform to the same color scheme. My knitting, my wardrobe, my house… I’m just not tired of the teal-and-limey-appley-green thing yet. (That’s my front door in the photo above.)

This is a quick project I made over two evenings last week. It’s Laura Nelkin’s Mudra Cuff. You may recall that I took her Butin Collar class at Knitters’ Day Out in 2012. I bought several patterns and made quite a few projects as holiday gifts, but somehow I never made a Mudra Cuff. Enough with that! I think Judy’s nice beadwork at KDO this year reminded me that I have plenty of bead stash to work with. For this bracelet, I chose one of the yarns left over from my Albers Cowl, a deep murky teal called “Coos Bay.” The beads have the descriptive but not evocative color name “Light Green.” Together, they go POW!

S1 said that this piece is simultaneously feminine and robotic. Yeah, that’s exactly what I was going for…

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