Saturday, August 8, 2015


S1 recently spent a week at Hamilton College for a combined institute/conference for work. She said, more than once, that Hamilton was “in the middle of nowhere” and that “there is nothing to do” (actually, this is a good thing if you want to get work done, which was the point of the institute). At one point, I looked up Clinton, NY, and immediately noticed that there is a LYS that looks pretty lively. My evidence? They have their own line of handdyed yarn named after “loose women,” and they’re open until 9 pm on Friday night. That sounds like a party LYS to me. So I mentioned that it looked like there was plenty going on in Clinton, NY, if the LYS stays open late on Fridays.

So on Friday night, when I was hanging out with Kris, I texted S1: “I assume you’re hanging out at the yarn shop?” She responded with this photo of The Two Ewes: 20150731_134042

Then came this: “They dye their own line of sock yarn. Today was the last day of their summer sale. I think you know where this is going.”

People, my long range plan of training S1 to buy sock yarn is finally coming together. It turns out she not only went to the shop and bought sock yarn, but SHE PASSED HERSELF OFF AS A KNOWLEDGEABLE KNITTER. Upon noticing an attractive pile of Trekking XXL yarns, she commented that she loves her Trekking socks and they are holding up well. The shop person directed her to the room where “the good yarn” is, and then pointed out their own line of hand-dyed sock yarns. S1 noted the fiber construction and continued chatting about color pooling. I don’t think the salesperson ever knew that she wasn’t a knitter. Want to see what she bought?

First, she saw a sample of this yarn (colorway Beezee Bee) knit up and thought that Boy 1 would love it (he does). This is a 80/10/10 blend of superwash merino/cashmere/nylon in a generous skein of 496 yards. IMG_8368

She also selected a skein for herself. She has been loving the soft neutrals of this pair (which I just now realized I never blogged about) – so serviceable with work attire! – and thus she picked a similar color scheme named Hackamore Lane:IMG_8370This is on their “Street Walker” base, 75/25 superwash Corriedale/nylon.

If you can catch them when they’re stocked, The Two Ewes sell all the Loose Women yarns on Etsy. The line includes Street Walker, Drunken Strumpet, Coquette, and Tartlets – don’t you just love those names?IMG_8369

Apparently my loose woman is so well informed that she can play it fast and loose with the knitting chit chat, enough to pass as the knitter in the family.

My work is done.


  1. I love it that S1 has a birthday and YOU get the presents!

  2. I am very impressed at how S1 has been paying attention, listening, learning, and remembering! Everyone in my family seems to turn down their hearing aids when I talk about yarn. Job well done!