Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sock yarn stash FTW!

pixie cropOne of the women in my exercise class just had a baby. When the call went out for small items to fill a care package, I felt a strong urge to knit a baby hat. So I did! This is the Stella Pixie Hat, which I’ve knit before. The first one was a huge hit with the mom and the whole baby shower crew, so I thought I’d make it again. The first time it only took 35 grams of leftover sock yarn, so I went looking for a similar quantity.IMG_8363Once again, I chose to leave off the weird looking neckband and instead work applied i-cord over the neck edge. More precisely, I knit regular i-cord for about 9”, then kept going with applied i-cord around the neck, and then did another 9” of plain i-cord. So simple.IMG_8361 My only improvement to this version was to use the alternate cable cast-on, which results in a beautiful edge. This is the one that should end up around the baby’s face. Isn’t it so much nicer than that tight chain you get with long tail?

When positioning the hat for the photo above which shows the cast-on, S1 commented that I had made a tiny witch’s hat:


It does look witchy here, but imagine a baby’s round head inside. All that 2x2 rib and faux rib will stretch, except for a little bit at the top which should give the child an elf-ish look. Adorable.

This only only took 33 grams of yarn. I like using up those bits! I hope that this baby has the type of mom who will put a slightly goofy hat on her child.


  1. I'm seeing lots of Swedish and Icelandic influence in your cute hat; it looks like it could be worn by the Tomten!

  2. I do like that cast-on...hat looks great!